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After spending years working on research and development to launch his own collection focused on sustainabiliy, Drew now produces and styles photoshoots and videos featuring proprietary fashion, footwear and furniture designs, made with natural materials and without polyester or animal byproduct from environmentally friendly sources including: Orange fiber brand yarn, Mirum by natural fiber welding, pinatex pineapple, pinayarn pineapple, mushroom, vegea grapeskin, desserto cactus, appleskin, hemp, linen, organic cotton, tencel, flax, lactae hevea natural rubber, coconuts by coco-mat, ionic+ antimicrobial silver, 3D printed coffee waste byproduct filament etc.


Each item is designed by Drew 

made by CFDA accredited professionals.

Drew is an equal opportunity provider. All the development partners are paid fairly to ensure the highest standard of living.

Clothing patterns in collaboration with JJ Pattern 

Footwear manufacturing by the

head shoemaker at T.O.Dey shoes

Hand knits by Vladimir Teriokhin

Embroidery by NY Embroidery studio

3D knitted seamless zero waste wholegarments by


A graduate of DREXEL UNIVERSITY with a bachelors of science in business administration and a concentration in entrepreneurship, Drew began his business and design experience interning at CALVIN KLEIN in NYC, designing and producing four seasons of global denim for men and women. Drew went through a trial interview at CAROL CHRISTIAN POELL in Milan which inspired him to continue learning as an intern for DANIEL ANDRESEN and LANVIN. Post graduation Drew went on to do commercial direction, retail distribution, visual and wholesale showroom sales for: 

DANIEL ANDRESEN in Antwerp & Paris, 

LANVIN in New York City, 


Showroom by appointment only:


Appointments, collaborations, custom designs, press,

sales and wholesale inquiries

please write to 


For sync licensing inquires:

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